There will probably be more than a little drama!

One of my longtime best friends from college, Christine, convinced me to audition for DYAO season 2. She said to me “Katie, I have to tell you something, and I don’t want you to be offended. Now we’ve all talked about it (she was speaking of our college group of 5 girls), and we’ve decided you HAVE TO audition for this new show Dance Your A** Off! It’s PERFECT FOR YOU! It’s like they made a show specifically for you!”

I was glad that Dr. Geller thought that I was in pretty good shape for a person at my weight. I was a little nervous that my weight had been affecting my health in ways I was unaware of. All in all, I thought the medical evaluation went well.

Being cast on the show is such an amazing gift and an opportunity to make a huge lifestyle change that will make my life better. I almost can’t believe that I’m actually going to LA to be on Dance Your A** Off. I am so excited but also scared and nervous because losing weight is something I’ve never been able to do, and I know it’s going to be really hard.

I am ready to be taught the tools to make this major lifestyle change. One of my main goals is to last long enough to show the world how much I love to dance. I also want to learn how to lose weight in a healthy way, and then bring that information home to my friends and family. This is the most fabulous, amazing opportunity I have ever been given. I hope that I will be able to handle the pressure of the competition, in a graceful way of course. And I hope to lose some of these extra pounds I’ve been carrying around forever!

I have always loved dance and after many years of study, I attended Muhlenberg College, where I shifted my focus from performance to more creative and “other side of the table” endeavors. I graduated with BAs in Theater and Dance. I’ve choreographed, assisted choreographed, and directed countless shows. I’ve also worked on Broadway as the assistant to the director and choreographer on “A Tale of Two Cities” where I would review, teach and clean the dance numbers; with no hope of ever performing them because I could never dance in a Broadway show because I’m too fat. I think my experience and knowledge in not just dance but Musical Theater will help me stand out from the rest of the group.

This season you can expect to see hard work, lots of dance practice, sweat, tears and even a little drama. Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m a theater person...there will probably be more than a little drama!


For more on Katie, go here for her Q&A.

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