This is going to be scary dancing without my partner.

I felt like I needed to revisit Latin week, the "Salsa dance" I hold dear to my heart and soul being that I’m of Latin decent. I was down and out of rehearsals for the Salsa I danced, and although Briana and I received a 10 from the judge’s panel, I did not feel I was dancing at 100% being that I jumped out of the blood transfusion and directly onto the dance floor. Now that my Blood count is back up and I've lost some weight, I would like to show the judges "Adamme at 100% Latin Blood count Salsa dancing." Hahaahhehehehe whoo hooooo…GlamRockSTARZ babyyyy! "Yikes I hope I can bring it stronger and better than last time…I must commit and work that caliente salsa… "Ayyy Que RRRRicooooooo!

I loved being pampered and treated like a True Hollywood STAR! This is a Dream experience for me and I’m trying to take it all in…I have been a make-up artist for about 15 years of my life. I have accomplished working on some Hollywood celebs, and I am normally the one pampering them. But to finally be the talent in the chair getting pampered is a total role reversal and I find myself in my head saying, "is this really happening to me? God I’m so grateful." This is amazing and so nice to be on the receiving end of Beauty and Fashion, and not just on the backstage side. Working to please the Stars…OMG…wait…are we the starz!? I still can’t register that we are on TV and being seen by hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people…heheheheheheheee so exciting....!

When I found out I was doing a solo, I thought "Ayyyy yayy yiii, this is going to be scary dancing without my partner. Vai is such an amazing strong dancer and I’m grateful to have her by my side while I’m out on stage dancing...But like all the challenges, I must suck it up and fight for my deserving right to move forward in this competition...I sometimes find myself in my head ...non-stop thoughts of self-doubt…can I do this...are you good enough…are you working hard enough....we all have these moments and then I have to remember 1 thing. I have been chosen out of thousands of hopefuls...I was blessed with this unique opportunity to "Be Seen" and transform into a much better version of myself. I think of my other friends/contestants that have gone home and I know they wished they were still here. I think of my family, my mom, my dad, my twin brother and sister, my friends…and all the newfound Fans who tune in to watch and support me every week, and that is what makes me stand up taller, dance like never before, and give the best performance I can. These are the inspirations behind my self-doubt in the solo challenge.

First, I must say I totally respect and dig Travis. His work on So You Think You Can Dance is Glam-tastic! Travis helps me with my floorwork. I am still struggling with getting down into the floor and standing up without it looking like I’m "Heavy." However I have lost some of my gut so this has helped me with my center of balance and gravity. I’m now able to be a lil more flexible.

I’m so grateful to be able to redeem myself and show the judges I’m able to dance salsa even better now that I’m at 100% blood count. I have worked with Vai to keep the salsa clean and full of rhythm and spiciness hehehehe. Last time around I was not able to even have a rehearsal with Vai because I was stuck in a Hospital bed. I hope to Rock this SALSA!

Finding out that I’m going to the semi-finals, I’m so thrilled and full of positive energy. I’m emotional to know I’m so close to the ultimate goal of season 2 champion of DYAO! I think about the beginning of this process when I told myself and my close friends and family, "I will never give up, I will put myself back on my to do list.” I will Love myself and Care for myself and now here we are moving to the semi-Finals. I’m so blessed and I feel like I am right on TRACK! Now I must work my a** off in the gym and shed the pounds like every week. This is so challenging but so worth every inch of pain.

Corey is my Brotha from another motha is how I say it! hehehe! His presence is going to be missed by me…we were dance partners the very 1st week and we created a bond that we carried through to now. I think he is Athletic, and talented and I will miss my Mohawk Brotha, "Team Hair Product." Awww Corey my brotha…I will miss you…but I have a feeling we are going to be lifelong friends to come.... GlamRockSTARZ! P.S. Corey I loved all the stir fry you would hook up in the kitchen…you were always good with the wok! " Teach someday soon bro! :)

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