This workout was much easier on the joints.

I honestly was not ready "Yet" to feel like I had swimsuit body status! What I mean is that I have not been to a swim party, beach party, or any type of summer time party that would require me to be shirtless in years...why? Because I have been insecure about my big belly and being overweight! I felt insecure about being at the party with "ALL my business hanging out," especially knowing our invited guests were our professional partners who by the way, if you haven’t noticed "have slim 0 body fat bodies." Hahahaha. The pressure of being compared will always be there I guess no matter how big or small one’s body is. So I decided to "go with the flow & let my guard down." As soon as the party got started, I went into "Glam Rock Star Party mode" (Vegas party boi in me hehe). I was my regular ole crazy party self...I love to party, make conversation, laugh out LOUD, and that is exactly what happened. I forgot about my body image issues, everyone at the bbq was there to Love and accepted our bodies without judgment. It helps me to know that I have my housemates with me, and that’s what is so amazing about this experience. We 12 contestants are going through these changes, emotions, and experiences together.

This DYAO BBQ was Great and Different than my latino "Carne Asada on the grill playing horse shoes to make the bill" heheheeheeee. Instead we had turkey burgers and of course I had to throw in my Latino Flavor/Sabor, "Glam Rock Star Pico De Gallo." I made it with fresh avocado, tomatoes, onions, 1 jalapeno, and let’s not forget the "ole mexican favorite" cilantro y Lemon! Hehehe so yummy, que rrrico! I must admit that "Rachel the Great Nutritionist" brought this fun broccoli slaw, so good. I love all the tips and alternative foods Rachel brings to us, Rachel is the key ingredient in this BBQ. I truly love to pick her brain when ever I get the chance. Dr. Geller was at the BBQ along with Lee the General, hehehe. I call these 3 my "Dream Team." It was nice to hang out with our pro dance partners and our Health and fitness dream team!

I thought the pool workout was Difficult! Yet this workout was much easier on the joints. I was surprised to see how fast my heart rate started to increase. I must say, I give so much more credit and respect to those who swim and do aqua aerobics on a regular basis. This is a full body workout that kicked my a**! Although it was difficult, I liked that I was burning calories!

"Glam Rock Starz" I thought to myself, this jazz category was going to be the death of me. And then I had to remember I can do anything I set my mind to. I needed to embrace the style and attack it. The first thing I think of when I hear jazz is Technical Ballet inspired movements. I know I have to show the judges I can live up to the style and I want to, but lets face it, I’m not Technically Ballet/jazz trained. I now pride myself on being considered a "Natural quick study." I can "try my best" to emulate the steps the best that I can and most importantly, I must keep my spirit of Dance and Performance Fun, Full of emotion and show that I truly Love and enjoy Dancing all styles with my heart and soul, and that’s what I intend on doing!" Glam Rock Starz" Part 2.

I thought my performance was from my heart and soul, and my choreography was at a level of difficulty that pushed me to higher limits. My pro dance partner Vai is so great at helping me step it up a notch. Every week she pushes me, and I love dancing with VAI! I went for the Dance with all my passion, and I thought to myself, "Show the judges you are having Fun and Smile. This is my summer birthday party and everyone is invited" and I remember I could hear Vai in my mind saying "jump, jump, higher and land with power." In doing that I skinned the tops of my feet as I danced barefoot, but it was so great to have a strong throwback finish...I have the scars on my feet to prove it! I was feeling so good about that Jazz performance.

I was crushed, to see my house "wifey" not get eliminated due to scores or weight loss, but due to accidental injury—it was horrible. I know how bad Briana and I both wanted to be " in" all the way to the finish line. Her spirit and character I adore from day 1 of call back auditions in L.A. I remember it was that toe-touch/russian signature move of hers that hooked me to her immediately. I knew from that moment, months before, that she was "Fantastic." I was so impressed at her ability to do a toe touch and land perfect, especially in her fuller body type. Who would have known it was that very signature move that would split us up early and take her out of the competition.

Briana, for me, is my Family, support, counselor, Light, passion, Power, Spiritual, and my Friend. We say it all the time, we are the Female and male versions of each other! To see Briana in all her "determination" and "will" go after her choreography with all her might and then land so hard on the ground that her Knee literally popped and the acl was busted along with the mcl, it killed me to watch that happen. She is a fighter till the end. Major surgery is needed and now she is going to be down for some time. My partner in the house is leaving and I’m so sad to see her go. I’ll never forget I was hugging her and we cried sad disappointed tears. I reassured her God has his plan and you will be ok. In life we have disappointing tragic moments that hurt us and we can’t explain "it does not seem fair" but we give faith to God, Surrender, and try to move forward! I’m going to miss you Briana but I promised her I would honor her everyday. I now will fight with that much more fire under my belt. All I could do was hug her and tell it was all going to be ok and that I will do all that I can to never give up. "It was supposed to be us up together, this is all wrong, it was supposed to be us UP together." I pray that my wifey Bri Bri is Fierce and if I know like I think I know her, she will be up and running in less time than the doctors estimate. I respect Briana as a person, as a dancer, and her spirit is beautiful. I love you mamicita…I miss you...I promise to make you proud! Love your boi Adamme' GlamRockStarz.

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