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The Collector

S1/EP25 |
Aired: 05/10/2022
A beloved couple was found murdered among a lifetime of valuable collectables in their home, an extraordinary place Dennis Murphy wanted to look back on. Investigators wanted to know if there was a connection between the memorabilia and the murder. 42:49

Mystery At Heath Bar Farm

S1/EP24 |
Aired: 05/03/2022
Josh Mankiewicz returns to a case with a twist no one saw coming, including him. A popular teacher was killed in her home. There was an arrest, a trial, and a verdict. Then came the bombshell that gave a convicted murderer his chance at freedom. 42:54

The Interrogation

S1/EP22 |
Aired: 04/19/2022
A mother and son die in a house fire. A man confesses to their murders, but later says he was coerced. Keith Morrison returns to the case for an extraordinary look at the interrogation and the circumstances that could lead to a false confession. 42:54

Unchecked Evil

S1/EP23 |
Aired: 04/12/2022
A case Andrea Canning will never forget, because it revealed an unbelievable blind spot in law enforcement. Reagan Tokes worked a late shift at a local restaurant, then went missing. What happened to Reagan left her family and a city outraged. 42:54

At the Edge of Town

S1/EP21 |
Aired: 04/12/2022
When a college student is found dead after a party, his mother is determined to find out what happened. What follows is one of Dennis Murphy’s most memorable stories, as this tenacious mom fights to get her son’s case in front of a jury. 42:54

Deliberate Evil

S1/EP20 |
Aired: 04/05/2022
Josh Mankiewicz returns to a case that took six years to report. A woman is found murdered after her friend hears her screaming on the phone. The case sits cold until the mysterious death of her boyfriend’s twin brother leads police to a suspect. 1:25:36