Dating Expert Natalie Knocks Some Sense Into Bad Girls

By Matt Muro

Watch the trailer for Find Me My Man, and you'll see that matchmaking expert Natalie Clarice has a larger-than-life personality. "Santa don't come back until December," she says to a client with unrealistic expectations. Still, we wondered if her sharp, witty tongue and no-nonsense attitude would be enough to command the respect of the Bad Girls during our Singles Bootcamp webisode. Boy, was it!

Nancy, Valentina and Janae flew down to Miami, where Natalie runs her matchmaking agency Heart & Soul International, to consult with the dating queen. Natalie wasted no time in identifying each of their issues, from nymphomania to gold digging. Was she able to help? Watch the video above and check out exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.  

Tune in to 'Find Me My Man' premiering Apr. 9 at 9/8c!


Dating Expert Natalie Clarice Knocks Some Sense Into Bad Girls

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