Martha Stewart is Dating Again! Natalie Clarice Weighs In

By Oxygen

Martha Stewart is getting back into the dating game. On a week-long segment of The Today Show, the domestic mogul said she hadn't quite found Mr. Right. She even considered going on! Well, Martha, we've got dating expert Natalie Clarice on the case. Click inside for Natalie's advice for Martha!

Which of these photos is better for Martha's online dating profile?

Pic B, it shows personality and class.

Should Martha use her real name in her online dating profile?

No, however definitely reveal she is successful. This will eliminate men who feel they can't measure up.

Do you think finding a man online is an effective strategy?

No! I consider online dating to be a risk factor. People can pretend to be who they want to be with online dating.

What should Martha look for in a man? Must-have qualities?

His own personal accomplishments. Awesome retirement plan, lots of exposure, well rounded, very secure with himself, great personality.

Should Martha run a background check on any potential suitors before heading out on a date?


What are some red flags Martha should look out for?

Men pretending to be someone they're not, no personal accomplishments, men seeking a free ride, advancing the relationship too fast, being too possessive, saying "I love you" too soon, talking about marriage in the first few months of dating.

How many dates should Martha wait before "sealing the deal"? 

You know when it's the right time. But; what I do tell my ladies is to make sure they have earned your goodies. You just do not give it away. Allow him to work for it by doing the things a "Real Man"suppose to do. Spending quality time with you, keeping his word, doing special things just because, consistent communication (everyday), planning activities that will allow the both of you to spend quality time. Then when he do get the goodies, it won't be so easy for him to walk away because of the time he has INVESTED!!!

What kinds of hurdles do celebrities like Martha Stewart face when it comes to finding a man? What advice do you have for celebrities in the dating field specifically?

Take it slow, ask lots of questions. Find out his occupation or previous occupation before retiring, what are some accomplishments that he is most proud of. How is he living- where is he living. Find out about his previous relationship. Why is he now single. How many children does he have and their age(s), who are his friends and what are their occupations. Ask him, if I were to do a background check on you; what will I find out? These questions are necessary and will give you an ideal of the type of man you have come across.

Good Luck Martha!

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