Natalie Gives Some Tough Love Dating Advice to Janae, Nancy and Valentina

By Oxygen

You've watched the Find Me My Man Bad Girl Bootcamp webisode. Now it's time for the minisodes featuring Atlanta Bad Girls Nancy, Natalie and Janae!

First up, we have the newest Bad Girl Nancy and wow are there some gems in this webisode teaser from the Find Me My Man Bootcamp. Dating coach Natalie Clarice gives commando-going Nancy a Pretty Woman-style makeover and she's not mincing any words. When the sesh starts off with, "Your dress is totally inappropriate. You will attract guys who just want to f*ck you," you know it's gonna be good.

Oh Janae, you sweet, randy little girl. We think the best line ever, courtesy of Natalie Clarice, might be: "You need to close your mouth and legs and open up your mind and heart." Word.

And finally, "ambitious" dater Valentina. Don't call her a gold-digger—unless you're Natalie.

Remember, ladies: Keep it classy, not trashy!

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