Q&A with Matchmaker Natalie

By Lindsay Hahn

When Miami's most hard-to-match ladies have trouble finding the perfect man, they call on tough-love matchmaker Natalie Clarice. We caught up with the founder of Heart & Soul International to find out the secrets to having a sucessful, meaningful relationship. 

Oxygen: How did you get into the matchmaking business?

Natalie: Giving relationship advice to my friends and always on POINT!

How does your process differ from other matchmakers?

I am a relationship strategist, matchmaker and coach. Simply put; I am a relationship educator. I help women understand how men think and what "real men" want. Emphasis on real men.

What percentage of your clients find a match?

85% of my clients find their perfect match.

What are the most common mistakes women make who are having trouble finding a match?


Do super gorgeous women have an easier or more difficult time finding love?

Difficult time most definitely. Most men are very intimated by very attractive, beautiful women.

How and where do you find potential men for your clients?

Gyms, men's conference, men organizations, events, social gatherings, professional office buildings, sporting events. I've also met a few at the grocery store.

What percentage of single men in their prime dating years are worth dating?

34 to 40 percent.

What most commonly makes men unworthy of dating?

No career, no independence, no personal accomplishments. Lack proper male leadership in his life.

Do you have any fairytale dating stories among your clients?

Yes. 2010 - Having the opportunity to work with a young lady who had been scarred emotionally as well as verbally abused in a previous marriage. She basically had developed a sour taste in her mouth when it came to men. Through coaching I helped her to learn the key fundamentals on how to establish, create and cultivate a healthy and meaningful relationship with her male partner at the very beginning. I selected three men on her behalf and picked the guy for her. To sum it all up they dated for 2 1/2 years and today they are happily married. This is why I do what I do because my ladies must know that "Love Feels Good" anything else is counterfeit.

What's the secret to love? Is there one?

Lots of PATIENCE!!

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