Worst Date Ever: Julie's Family Affair

By Lauren Zupkus

It's great to meet someone who's into you, but this guy was just too much for Julie. Talk about a stage 5 clinger...

My worst date of all time was so bad that it has caused me to have anxiety before every date since. I met this guy at a bar, and he asked me to dinner. Pretty standard. We went for sushi, which was fine, and then we went to a bar after. When we walked into the bar there was a table of people waving us over, which prompted me to ask if he knew them. He then informed me that the table of people was his entire family, and that he invited them as a "surprise" for me because our date was going so well.....um, what? I was introduced as his "new girlfriend" to his mom, his mom's boyfriend, and approximately 7 of his cousins/siblings. I was just awkwardly going with it until his mom started telling me how thrilled she was that her son found someone after his last "bad breakup." What. The. F*ck? At this point I literally ran outside and started hailing a cab with the urgency of someone being chased by a serial killer. Mr. Right then proceeded to call my phone on loop for the next week leaving voicemails about what a bad person I was. I should probably send him my therapist's number, or maybe I should just send him my bill.


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