Worst Date Ever: Mehgan Got Catfished!

By Oxygen

In anticipation of Find Me My Man premiering tonight at 9/8c, Mehgan from Season 9 of Bad Girls Club describes her cringe-worthy Worst Date Ever. Here are the details:

One time I got CATFISHED!!! So I was like 18-years-old on MySpace and I started chatting with this cute guy!!! Well we made plans to meet at the mall and we went to the movies. And I noticed something fishy about my date. "His" hands were really small and soft for a guy... And his voice was a little high pitched for a guy. So at this point I'm thinking he might be asexual or something. After the movie "he" was like "I have a confession I'm a girl." I was like aww hell no. I was scarred for life!!! No offense to the gays. I was just in shock.

Tune in to 'Find Me My Man' for more bad dates...and some good ones...premiering tonight at 9/8c.


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