Worst Date Ever: Sandra's Encounter With a Psycho Ex

By Oxygen

We all remember Sandra from The Face, right? (And if you weren't obsessed with the Naomi Campbell-starring model competition show, you really need to catch up.) To sum it up, Sandra was the lovable, but volatile contestant who was constantly stirring things up on Team Naomi. So we knew she had a good Worst Date Ever story to tell.

Sandra says:

My worst date was when I was 18 years-old. We went out to eat and drove around the park. It was so romantic. I felt like I was in a movie. He was 6' 3" with a nice smile and I was really thinking, "he's gonna be the one." Everything was going so well. Next thing you know, his mother called him, so he said, "I have to go get something from my mother." So I said, "OK, I'll go with you."

So we were on his mother's block and he parked his car and asked me if I wanted to go inside with him. I said, "no, I'll wait in the car for you." This big girl came to the car and knocked on the window and was like, "where's B?" I'm like, "who are you?" She was like, "I'm his cousin, open the door." She starts knocking even harder and went to pick up a brick.

I called him so fast! He didn't answer! I was scared. She like, "open this f*cking door!" I said no! Get away! Eventuallyshe left. My date came out of his mother house and I said, "why weren't you picking up your phone? This crazy girl was looking for you... "

So he gets in the car and I'm upset. He's like, "that's some girl I used to mess around with!" I'm thinking it was more than that. He was like "for real she's crazy thats all!" ...I said "Please just take me home, I don't want anything to do what you anymore!" He was so hurt! Weeks go by and he's still calling. ... That was my worst date ever!!!!!

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