Q&A with Victor Bell: Halal Is Ready For A Comeback

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The Victor Bell & Halel choir has been through so much together. Between a huge storm that destroyed their shot at a major recording, a total breakdown in communication, and tiffs between old and new members, this choir really needed Deitrick and Michelle's help. But, after Fix My Choir, Victor Bell is ready to lead his group to greatness once again.

We spoke with Victor about the show, about their amazing performance at the end of the episode, and about the choir's new single -- that's right, they're back to recording! Check out the Q&A with Victor Bell! 

How did it feel to watch your episode of Fix My Choir? 

It was awesome. I felt a little nervous not knowing what was going to be edited. It was also emotional going back and reliving the whole thing over again. Overall, it was really awesome to sit back and just watch it versus being there on the set.

Do you feel like you got a lot out of the process?

Yes! I got a lot out of it. We all learned a lot about each other and learned about ourselves. We all took away some healing from it. We learned some lessons about how to treat one another, respect one another, and overall how to better communicate with each other.

In the episode, you talk about a recording that would have been your big break. What happened?

We weren’t able to finish the studio recording because of a huge storm. The cost factor made it too hard to just do it again. We ran out of money trying to take care of it that night, so trying to do it again would have been crazy.

After that, there was a huge drop in communication. For me, I was just so overwhelmed that the recording didn’t happen, that it didn’t dawn on me to sit everyone down to discuss it. Nobody was in the right frame of mind -- everyone was still in shock. Everyone was wondering what was going on, nobody called anybody. Everyone was left to assume things, which is not good. 4 years went by and nobody discussed it, so it festered. At that point I had fallen into this depression as well, and I didn’t want to do it anymore.  

There were also issues with old versus new members?

Yes, we brought on new members. So on one side have old members who have issues that haven’t been discussed, but the new members have issues with the old members! So the old and the new thing did not have to be an issue, but it was an issue because we hadn’t addressed it.

You admitted you made some mistakes when you dropped communication. Was that difficult to do?  

It was hard to go back and realize the mistakes I made. The first step was admitting to myself that I’d done some things wrong. Once I did that, it wasn’t hard to admit it.    

How did it feel watching the concert performance at the end of the episode?

It was great! It was amazing for us. It was what the night of the recording should have been. We loved the excitement and the thrill of just being on stage. It was the first time we came together since that night! We hadn’t rehearsed or done anything until then. It was also emotional because it was Mother’s Day, and I had lost my mom during that period. I tried to change the date…but it just turned out to be a fantastic day. It was healing for me, I felt like my mom was there in my heart.  

How did you feel about Deitrick and Michelle’s methods?
They were different! [laughs] I think at the end of the day it was very effective for us. It helped us to heal it helped us to confront some issues that we normally wouldn’t have confronted. They gave us the setting and the atmosphere to be able to do that without any fear, and to lay our ccards on the table. As for the method, it’s probably not exactly what I would have done! But it was nonetheless effective. 

Do you feel more motivated after the show?

Sometimes I still question if we’ll be able to resolve these issues, but the show taught me all we had to do was communicate. That motivated me. Then, when they brought us in the studio…that was the light for me. I hadn’t been in the studio for years. It brought back all the enjoyment I have for music, and all the passion I had before that day.   

What is in the future for Victor Bell & Halel Choir?

We are back to rehearsing, and we’ve been in the studio. We have a single were ready to release this month! We’ve been working hard in the studio all day. It feels like we’re back to how we were in the beginning. We’re working on a bigger project that will be out in the spring of 2015, so stay tuned!   

Watch Victor Bell & Halel perform! Then vote here: who did it better?

Tune in to the next episode of 'Fix My Choir' Wednesday, December 3 at 10/9c!

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