Denyce on GCLA 101: I already paid my dues and did all the hard work.

By Denyce GFC

She wouldn't understand the struggle.

I think my family, my upbringing, and my life experiences make me a strong, independent Hollywood woman. There are several layers of life I've experienced -- good and bad -- and I used both kinds as leverage doing better! Individually Kelly, Nikki, Eva, and I are women that almost anyone will be able to relate to! We have different personalities, execute words differently, and are in different stages of our lives. I think people will either be able to identify with us because they have friends like us or they themselves are like us. Doesn't hurt that my girls are easy on the eyes and all have great style.

When Eva was talking about how old she is getting, when she is five years younger than me, I didn't take it personally because we both forget there's an age difference a lot. When we eat, drink, play, have fun, cry, laugh, or whatever, we do it because we have so much in common and the age difference doesn't determine any of it. But I will admit every now and again when she says she something like "I'm getting old. I'll be 30 soon." I’m like, "Heffa... Old? At 30? Child please!" but I know she doesn't mean it in that way so it goes over my head.

Eva is very passionate about acting. What upsets me is that she's set a time frame to call it quits and I don't want her to quit. I want her to keep going. I know what she means about not wanting to be stagnant in her career, so she'd rather put her time into another passion than waste it doing the same things over and over, but Eva's come a long way and she's too young and talented to give up now.

I wasn't offended when Kelly said that if you have the talent for acting, you shouldn’t be making excuses as to why you’re not working. I just didn't and don’t agree. She has her opinion as a manager, not as talent so she wouldn't understand the struggle, frustration, or the dedication it takes to continuously be told “no” or “next time” by people in her profession. If having talent was all a person needed to be successful in entertainment, some people with Academy Awards and Grammys wouldn't have them and those who are talented wouldn't be getting snubbed every year.

I was confused more than surprised hearing Tracy Christian’s feedback. I appreciated her feedback and advice, but I just felt that I had already done the workshops, paid my dues, and did all the hard work. I'm trying to get back out there with proper representation, not start from scratch on my own again. I could be completely wrong about the workshops, but right now I'm hoping that would be my last resort.

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