Everything Eva (GCLA, Ep. 5)

By Eva GFC

I think Nikki handled the situation with her father visiting very well, just the fact that she opened up enough to let him visit. I wanted to advise Nikki to be open about letting her father meet the important people in her life; however I grew up with my father so it was easier said than done. When she explained her plan to take baby steps I totally understood.

I didn't know if Kelly and Baga would hit it off, but I thought it was worth a try because I knew how much he liked Kelly and I also knew I wanted my friend to meet a nice guy. Kelly's type is Prince Charming.

We decided on a bowling party for Kelly because she was previously in a bowling league. The hardest part of planning her party was finding something to do that was "Kelly" appropriate and getting everyone together. The main idea before the bowling party was a spa party, and of course I threw out the idea if going to Chip n' Dales.

I changed my hair color back to brown because I never keep my hair the same color for too long, so it was time for a change.

I think Terrell has a problem with everyone I've dated because in his eyes no one is good enough. Terrell's opinion means a lot to me because we are very close, I learn a lot from him, and I know that he cares very much about my wellbeing as well as my career.

I was not bothered that Anthony didn't make it to dinner at my family’s house because I understand his job is demanding. It bothered me that everyone else was bothered by it! Anthony is very confident in himself and our relationship. I called off my previous engagement because I realized that I just wasn't ready to get married.

I was initially taken aback when Denyce asked me about shooting Lance for her book because it just seems like he keeps popping in conversations everywhere! However, I support her and truly don't mind her working with him.

It hurts to see Denyce going through the heartbreak of her brother’s murder. I try to keep her spirits up by being around her and giving her words of encouragement.

Kelly's party was amazing! My favorite part was the excitement on her face when she walked in, and when she was so emotional about what we had done for her.

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