Kelly In Charge (GCLA, Ep. 6)

By Kelly GFC

Every once in a while, an incredible project comes across my desk that’s both challenging AND fun to work on. Zshatwa is an artist that I had enjoyed on my own for several years, so when her management approached me for a re-brand of her identity, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the project! One of the biggest challenges with Zshatwa was figuring out an age-appropriate style concept that communicated where the artist was at with her music and artistry. She had been living in a moment that had become out of date with her current music, so it was my responsibility to revitalize her brand and image. Typically with a project like this, I begin by identifying what the specific challenges are so that I can strategize and execute on the comprehensive solutions. Luckily, Zshatwa was very open to suggestions and to change, which made her a fun person to collaborate with. Often times, artists are hesitant to change – which can really hinder the development process. I was very pleased with how this project turned out! Zshatwa looked stunningly beautiful, but more importantly she was glowing with positivity and excitement. Watching her float around the party like a pretty butterfly made me feel great about what we had accomplished together!

It makes me feel good that I was able to share a personal experience with Denyce, which may have helped encourage her towards healing. I got the tattoo of my daddy’s birthday as a way to honor him. His passing was devastating to my family and me, and coming to terms with him being gone was not a quick or simple process. I look at the tattoo every day, and it reminds me how proud I am to be his daughter. I really hope Denyce’s tattoo provides a similar type of comfort to her.

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