Kelly on GCLA 101: I have zero interest in getting in the middle.

By Kelly GFC

We ladybugs are great for TV because we have four very different, extreme, and complex personalities. Our lives are fun, funny, challenging, sad, stressful, triumphant, inspiring, and disappointing -- just like everyone else's. Ours are just compounded by the stress of seeking success within the entertainment industry, played out against the backdrop of Los Angeles. These things make our brand of reality something new and refreshing for the landscape of television programming. I choose to stay out of the drama between Eva and Denyce because it never has anything to do with me. One of my best qualities is my ability to mind my own business...! I have zero interest in getting in the middle of things that don't pertain to me.

I am proud to be a strong, independent Hollywood woman who gained my success through hard work and determination. I work in an industry that makes it easy for women to make it big by using their physical beauty instead of their intellectual aptitude but that isn’t me. Even though the music industry tends to be a boys club, I have always been steadfastly driven to achieve success on my own terms. I've done things the right way: by being professional, respectful, honest, and thoughtful. I'm very proud of the way I do business and I enjoy my work very much! Helping make other people's dreams come true is sincerely fulfilling for me. I've worked overtime, double time, hammer time, to get to the level I'm at today. As you saw, I am working towards elevating Richard's brand by vetting and developing new opportunities for him that will broaden the scope of his reach across multiple media and entertainment platforms. He has all the talent in the world to achieve anything he wants to -- he just needs a gentle, loving push in the right direction!

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