Kelly Works It Out (GCLA, Ep. 4)

By Kelly GFC

I have zero tolerance for reindeer games.

I have the sincere pleasure of meeting incredibly talented people all the time... I see it as my blessing in life! I was introduced to Timothy Bloom by his music director (my client) Thaddeus Dixon when they had a tour stop at a venue near my home in downtown LA. I was invited to stop by and check out the show. I get a lot of my clients/projects through word-of-mouth and referral – which is why an excellent professional reputation is so important to the fabric of my business! I am extremely selective about who I take on as a management client. The artist really must possess a trifecta of qualities OUTSIDE of raw talent – including long-term income generation potential, reasonable expectations, and a very un-teachable star quality that becomes clear to me upon spending time with an individual. An artist who is a good candidate for a “re-brand” is someone whose career may be in an awkward “in-between” phase. Timothy Bloom has participated as a songwriter on Grammy-winning albums for superstar artists Chris Brown and Ne-Yo – yet his own career was a bit in limbo after a moderately successful stint at a major record label. A situation like this is a great opportunity for an artist to step back, re-evaluate, and strategize a fresh game plan for his or her career. A “re-brand” can include any number of a diverse collection of activations, including new or revised directions in music, style, image, messaging, delivery and/or execution.

The girls tease me about being on-call 24-7 for my clients, so having the opportunity to relax while supporting Denyce at the Pan-African Film Festival was a real treat for me. She was glowing with positivity that night, and it was super special to share that experience with her! I don’t claim to know much about the film and television business, but I do understand that it’s a tough grind. Nights like that one are few and far between. I definitely want us all to have more of those types of nights for our friends, so my toughness on Denyce when she was preparing for her dance audition was my way of helping her get there. I’m a very different girl in work-mode, and Denyce was introduced to that girl right there in her own living room. They don’t call me the Pink Piranha for nothing! My entire life revolves around my work, so I’m very, VERY serious when it comes to matters relating to business. Absolutely everyone knows that I have zero tolerance for reindeer games. My livelihood depends on it!

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