Nikki Discusses the Drama (GCLA, Ep. 2)

By Nikki GFC

I think the situation with Anthony not going to New York with Eva could have been avoided if he just said he couldn’t come. Ultimately, it never feels good when you make a plan with someone and they don’t show up. It is definitely hurtful especially in a relationship, but I also understand that it was a huge weekend for his career as well. I’m sure it was not his intention to hurt her, he loves Eva very much. I would forgive him, it happens.

I think trying to find the balance between work and relationships is a lifelong journey of trying to become an expert at it. However, I do feel like I am getting better. I see my girlfriends at least once a week at some type of function, and I try to leave my weekends for Jason. Life is filled with things we can do and places to go… it’s about choices and I’m trying to make the best ones that I can, and that is all I can do.

I was a bit surprised that Denyce was upset about how I invited her to Terrell Owens’ party. I didn’t know that she had felt that way, we never spoke about him before. But, we all know a lot of people in common and have different experiences with them, so at any given time one of us is going to know a few of the same people. I decorated his house and have worked with him on several design projects. If Denyce had an issue with T.O., I think she could have addressed it privately before we got there instead of in front of people. Like I said, we all have different relationships with many of the same people. My relationship with Terrell is business and Denyce has a friendship with him. But it didn’t totally take away from my night, and I still had a great time. When Eva brought up T.O. at dinner I wasn’t shocked. She felt very strongly about how Denyce handled the situation. She definitely wanted to address it and the fact that she felt everyone should have been there to support me and not create drama. I was over it at that point and just wanted to forget about it.

I wasn’t clear on exactly what happened at Eva’s party, and I’m still not.

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