Nikki on GCLA 101: You don't have to compete with friends.

By Nikki GFC

I think what makes me a strong independent woman in Hollywood is the fact that I have been able to make my own way, create my own brand and be recognized for my talents. I moved to America 16 years ago from Toronto, with a dream to become a huge designer, without knowing my life would take me to Los Angeles. I think that journey alone makes me strong and fearless.

What makes the four of us perfect for a TV show is because we all have the same journey in life. A group of girls with dynamic personalities and interesting life stories that make for a great show!

We show that you can make it, be a role model and still go through ups and downs. I think the important thing is to continue to show young women that you don't have to compete with friends. You can love them and support them and you all will win when its your turn.

I was so excited when I found out the shoe line was picked up. I worked so hard putting the presentation together to show them my ideas and concepts. Ive been designing all my life, so at this point it is second nature to me. It just shows...hard work does pay off.

I typically stay out of Eva and Denyces banter. They are like an old, married couple who argue because someone drank the last bit of juice. LOL! Eventually they will be back to normal like nothing happened. However, I will offer some advice or tell them what they could have done different to receive a different result.

I love having dinner with my girls, and if we need to chat about something that is going on, at dinner is typically when it happens. I think ultimately Eva and Denyce had to work it out with each other. There is nothing Kelly or I could do to resolve that issue.

Jason and I are like best friends. Its just hard to balance all the things that I would like to do in my relationship and be a career woman at the same time. I would love to come home and cook for my guy every night but sometimes I have business dinners or meetings and that can interfere with having those intimate moments with him. So we almost have to schedule our time-- its just about finding the balance.

Jason and I have only been together for a year. I think that is too soon to move in with someone, we are still learning a lot about each other right now. Right now, we live across the street from each other. Its the best situation any couple could have!

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