Nikki Takes It Slow (GCLA, Ep. 6)

By Nikki GFC

Jason is my soul mate, my best friend, and a wonderful person. I absolutely see him being a part of my future. I hope we can go all the way… I would love to get married one day and have a family.

I didn’t mind Eva asking me about my relationship, but I tend to be a very private person. I have learned over the years not to talk too much about what is going on in your relationship. If I have any problems, I try to discuss them with Jason directly and solve it that way instead of bringing my friends and their opinions into my relationship.

I wasn’t thrown off when Jason asked me if I had ever lived with another man. We have a very open relationship and discuss almost everything. I think Jason understands that I need my own space; he wants his own space as well. We agreed that if we live together we will get a house big enough to accommodate each other’s needs.

I have had the experience of living with a man in the past and I understand the level of responsibility it is. I also feel as though I have had that experience already, and if I am to live with another man again it has to be because we are building a future together. So taking it slow is just fine for me until we are both realize that we would like to be with each other in that capacity. It is perfectly normal to take your time, rushing into something causes all the problems to arise!

Jason and I do almost everything together, keeping the love and fire in our relationship is built on sharing, cooking, traveling, and spending time together, and with friends and family.

The Tony Rock comedy show was so funny. They kept talking about Eva and how fine she is. It was great seeing everyone at the show and hanging out with my girls. It’s always great to do the red carpet together, we look like a singing group and it’s funny to hear people’s reactions.

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