Hopelessly Devoted to Glee??

Oxygen embarked on an epic journey this past weekend…the GLEEKEND. What’s a gleekend you ask? Just a full day marathon of Glee episodes from seasons 1 and 2! How could a weekend get any better you ask? How about a Grease Sing-A-Long the night before!

That’s right - for over 24 hours this weekend, Glee fans, Pink Ladies, and T-Birds alike enjoyed a full on musical spectacle. As a musical theater junkie myself, I was beyond excited – Friday night started with me singing along to Sandra Dee as she belted out “Hopelessly Devoted To You”. Then starting at 11 AM EST/PST Saturday morning, I rocked out to Finn and Rachel’s version of “You’re The One That I Want”.

What’s surprising is that Glee hasn’t tackled the Grease songbook past the Pilot episode. Of course, Finn and Rachel make a mean Danny Zuko and Sandy, but can you imagine what Ryan Murphy and the talented Glee cast could do with a little Rydell High infusion?! I’ve starting planning it out in my head and I think another classic themed episode of Glee could be well on its way…

Puck as Kenickie - Once a bad boy, always a bad boy.
Mercedes as Rizzo - Those are two strong ladies right there!
Kurt as Frankie Avalon aka Teen Angel - Can’t you just see Kurt walking down those gleaming stairs in a fierce white jumpsuit telling Frenchy about being a beauty school dropout?


You guys fill the rest in! I think Santana would make a mean Cha-Cha because they both have that fiesty thing going for them. But maybe Brittany's dance moves match that of the Grease seductress. What songs would you want to see tackled on a Grease themed Glee? Just thinking about the combination of Grease and Glee has me wishing it was Friday night already.

Make sure to keep up with The Glee Project to track Oxygen’s journey to find the next new face of Glee.

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