I used REAL flowers instead of opting for the silk ones.

My wedding bouquet forest-themed hairstyle didn't win, but it was the most beautiful in the room, and I used REAL flowers instead of opting for the silk ones. I had trouble with the weights and balances of the width requirement, but it was like I said, the most beautifully sculpted in the room. Derek J said my wedding bouquet fantasy style wasn’t done, but he also said that I would have been one of the top picks if I would have made the width requirement.

Cajmonet is a great hairstylist (I've seen some of her portfolio), but her wedding bouquet hair style looked like a glued-together arts and crafts project. If I recall, it had this tacky hot pink weave track just glued on a wire just to make the "width" requirement. In terms of the cheating incident, Cajmonet and I are friends and she is the only one that truly knows what she did, even after all of the finger pointing.

I don’t like weddings or cake because I used to work for a catering company while in college. I can't tell you of all the weddings and cakes we had to cater...I absolutely hated it.

At the end of this episode, my interaction with Derek J wasn't much of a talk, more like a screaming match as I recall. Derek was going to get his two cents out no matter what I had to say.

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