She is full of a lot of Hot air!

When we walked into the salon it was actually refreshing to know that I was going to be creating something that was an actual event coming up in my life. I had recently gotten engaged so the whole wedding bouquet challenge was exciting.

I was in complete shock about the cheating accusations. I’m not a cheater.

J-Rok used his Freeze pass on me, and he is a Tool. He is talented, but will follow what Fingaz and Minista tell him to do. Fingaz was scared, and J-Rok had to help her out a little bit, especially if he has all this experience. No one wants to be shown up by a new person in the industry. I am fast, creative, neat, and work amazingly under pressure, so it’s no wonder he gave it to me.

Fingaz needs to come back down to earth and stay grounded. COME ON MS. DIVA, I THOUGHT YOU WORK WELL UNDER PRESSURE! IMPROVISE LIKE ALL OF US, HONEY! I loved every minute of the Glam Slam. If I had 5-6 hours to complete a piece going up against someone with less experience, less time, more talent, and who comes in second on all the Check Up From the Neck Ups, I would probably feel the pressure to perform too! Fingaz was scared, and JRock knew that! It's no secret her story didn’t even make sense with the colors she used, just like her first Check Up From the Neck Up. She is talented, but anyone can stuff a wig cap with black hair and call it their pregnancy story. She is full of a lot of Hot air!

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