Surely the judges would be blown away.

Natalie Nunn

I felt like my candy inspired hairstyle was appropriate for the model that I had. Keeping in mind that I am a licensed hairstylist by nature, I was satisfied with it and so was my model.

I felt very confident in my robot style, because I had NEVER made ANYTHING like that before!!!! The process was actually fun for me! I thought it was unique to build a life sized robot as tall as my 3 year old son! Surely the judges would be blown least that's what I thought. Lol


After losing to Malibu, I started thinking it's really time to start PLAYING THE GAME. So pair myself up with the person who kept losing and being up for elimination, which was Sexi Lexi. I just knew I had it in the bag cause it was $100k on the line, but she definitely surprised me!!!! 2 claps for her just for effort, thanks to Minista and my girl Cajmonet. But all in all I knew that my robot was a good and you can't win everything. ;-) Sometimes it's good to sit back and watch others win, you have to learn how to be a good sport!!!

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