There's only one Fingaz and I cannot be duplicated!

My husband convinced me to see what Hair Battle Spectacular was all about. I’m not going to lie, when I received the email, I thought it was just some scam to get me to pay money to be a part of something. When all they wanted however was a video submission, I thought, what have I got to lose? The worst thing they could say was no. I purchased a camcorder and recorded some footage of me in 2 days. I had no idea how to edit it and put it on DVD however. Since my husband, "Tubb Young," is a producer and is used to dealing with Pro Tools, it was easy for him to put it together. And before you know it I sent it in, got the call back and was on the show!

I have my own personal goals and dreams, and they are to become a celebrity hair stylist and do hair for runway shows, music videos, movies, TV shows and so much more. I know you have to pay your dues and these things don’t happen overnight, but I’m willing to work until they do, even if I can’t sleep!!!

My talent and ability continuously drive me to work at a job until it’s completed! My hair outfits, hairstyles and personality will always separate me from the rest. There's only one Fingaz and I cannot be duplicated!

You’ll love to see what I bring to the table. I will bring about everything that is outrageous and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Find out how Fingaz got her nickname, here.
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