I can get ghetto, so lets hope no one will take me there!

I decided to do Hair Battle Spectacular because it was time for America to see all the hard work that goes into preparing for shows. We are easily forgotten about, and our world is just like the life of superstars.

My number one goal is for America to see that there are really some talented people in the world and that if you are true, open and honest, you can have just as much as some that cheat and lie to get where they are. I bring a sense of calm and coolness to this show but I can get ghetto, so let’s hope no one will take me there! LOL!

I hope that I will be able to truly inspire those that may have lost their hopes or dreams. I want to let them know that they are only a reach away if you continue to strive for them. I am going to bring laugher and realness to this show, because that’s what I'm all about!


For more on Hair Battle Spectacular, go here.
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