I love to take people by surprise.

My manager sent me to the auditions and my husband convinced and pushed me to go through with them and the tests. My goals for the show are to win! I love to take people by surprise. I used to love to tell people I was an EMT because people never expect to hear that. I feel the same way about this show.

I am a sweet, friendly person and I do not talk it up. I am this white girl from California and fantasy hair is not real huge here, so I think people won't expect me coming. I want to gain everybody's respect. I want to feel like I did my best. I want to meet some new and diverse people and by stepping outside of my comfort zone, and I want to gain a new respect for my talents and myself. I feel like I think very differently then most, which can perhaps set me apart from the rest. I can be told to do something and make a style very different from what most people would do. I make unique and fun designs and bring a lot of personality to them. I have a lot of diversity to me when it comes to styling and I learn very quickly. Even though I look very girly, I was raised with all boys and I know the meaning of competition and survival. I got some pit bull inside of me! You can expect a lot of surprises from me. I will never bore you! There will always be a new surprise around the corner! :)


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