It was a hard decision but I believe a smart choice.

I decided to leave the show due to some prior things I had going on before I came onto the show. I had surgery a couple months before the show was taped for endometriosis. My husband and I also started fertility treatments prior to the show after trying for a period of time to get preggers. My Dr. told me that if I start getting certain symptoms, that I needed to go see him directly and immediately. I have a high pain tolerance due to a herniated disc I have, and my Dr. told me that some of these signs I have could be serious. Getting pregnant is my husband and my number one focus right now and we decided it would be best to go get checked out.

It was a hard decision but I believe a smart choice. I really do believe in my heart that I would have been on the show to the end, but it will be fun for me to watch the show and see who ends up still standing in the end. I really grew close to most of the contestants, but Valley Girl (she and Fingaz were my roommates) and I grew close the quickest. I grew really close with Minista and Fingaz as well. I have learned how if I put my mind to something, I really can accomplish anything even in the most uncomfortable situations. I also learned how to be a strategic player and that kindness does eventually pay off.


Farewell, Malibu! See candid pics of Malibu here.
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