My hairstyles are just like my personality...BIG!

I am so excited to be on Hair Battle Spectacular. As a single mother of two, it is all about being a positive role model for them. My dream is to win the prize money and make a better life for me and my boys. To stand out is what it means to me to be outstanding.

My super fro, oversized eyes, and sinister laugh will be my trademark. Though I am a GOD GIRL at heart, (the minista), I have lots of tricks up my sleeve. Just because I will pray with you doesn't mean I’m not going to play with you. Everybody that knows me expects the extraordinary...actually they expect nothing short of just plain insanity. I go all out and hold nothing back. My hairstyles are just like my personality...BIG! So watch out, don't blink, and tune in for some non-stop FUN.

To watch a video of Minista, go here.
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