Winning the Assist card was a lot of pressure.

It started when I was 12 years old. My dad would wake me up early before church and hand me the clippers..."make it even and line me up." Up until I was called to go on tour with Madonna because they were looking for a barber and hair braider (an apparently very rare combination) and I possessed that exact skill set, I thought my life was a series of unrelated events. Now the frustrating task of waking up early to the buzz of a clipper, while my sisters were in the kitchen eating Sunday morning biscuits all made sense. All things in my life are preparing me for something greater in the future.

It was until I was on tour with Madonna that I had to become very proficient in cutting designs and doing abstract art with clipper tools. So when I walked in and the only tools for use were clippers, a sense of "I got this" came over me. While on tour, there was one hair style in particular that I had to create over and over and over. That was the mohawk with stars. I chose to recreate this for a final time, reminiscent of the "bling bling" engagement ring that my model was holding to be my inspiration.

Winning the Assist card was a lot of pressure. This card would have whoever I chose not only lose a hour of their work, but have them "assist" me in my hair piece. I was not sure if I preferred to have my opponent "helping." What part of the game is that... Fingaz (my opponent in this battle) would actually have the power to potentially sabotage my piece. Also, I work with some really talented hairstylist such as J-Rok and Valley Girl...they both had the neatness that I would like to incorporate into my finished pieces. The choice was difficult.

In order to throw all of my opponents off of their game, I decided to ask "WHO would WANT to help me," letting them think that there was a possibility that I would not pick my opponent and throw my opponent off, by allowing her to think that I was not threatened by her work (I was, she is an amazing hair artist.). I eventually chose Fingaz but did not let her near my hair piece. I gave her bogus jobs and it got her so frustrated... she had a hard time getting her head back into the game. No strategy has to be fair if it works.

In the previous Glam Slam though, the judges enjoyed my work, they all mentioned that it was very abstract and unconventional. Well to me that is fantasy hair. To further prove my point this week, I created a totally literal translation of the challenge. I ultimately had an entire "movie set" on my model’s head to tell the story. I left nothing to the imagination. It reminded me of some of the "cake on a head" that I was not a fan of in the wedding cake challenge. I still creatively incorporated the hair, but I was taking a risk to prove my point. Fortunately the judges still saw my vision and were moved by my performance.

The Halloween store was inspiring to me and I used my entire budget. My favorite item that I brought was the severed fingers. I thought that it would be fun to incorporate that in my hairpiece since Fingaz was my opponent. But when I could not find a way to incorporate them that made sense to my hair story, I used them in my own hair. It was again another strategic move... my opponents began to think that I was practicing voodoo. I thought that was hilarious. As long as I was winning my battles, I did not care how they thought I was doing it. Every little bit counts.


Fingaz is a fierce competitor, hence the name, but I also knew that my stage presentation was an impressive part of my overall theme. I was honestly nervous and thought this battle would result in my first "hair don't." I focused on keeping my head in the game and doing my very best in the ring.

Even though I did not think my piece was the very best of the night (I am my biggest critic), I did NOT think that Sexi Lexi's piece deserved the praise that she received. Her hair piece was not front and back. And though she made a very beautiful hair cape for her first attempt... that was not a part of the challenge. All the late nights of encouraging talks were about to stop. I had created a monster that now turned and bit me in the ring.

Even though I am Minista, just because I pray with you doesn't mean I am going to play with you... the games were over! IT is BATTLE TIME.

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