I loved how my piece came out.

After doing well, I had felt better about the Check Up challenge. I felt even better when a bunch of cute boys were in the salon. I really was glad when I got the zebra print. I had always wanted to make a zebra print. I thought I should have won!

I was really pumped about the challenge and then immediately nervous when we had to create two looks. So I just remember the first vampire I could think of and it came to me! A bat could be one look. I decided to create almost a then and now vampire. Sexy vamp meets Dracula.

When I got to the Halloween store, I had an agenda—a cape and a bat. I didn't find exactly what I wanted, but I had to use what I could. I was nervous to go against Val. She is extremely talented. I was also excited because I wanted to go against someone with a positive attitude.

I loved how my piece came out and seriously finished it with moments to spare. When my model came out, it was one of my proud moments. It made me even more excited when I saw Lindsay’s face light up when she saw my cape. I really didn't know who was going to win because Valley Girl’s was amazing! When I won I was so shocked and so pumped to beat Minista.


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