My nerves get the best of me.

Natalie Nunn

So after being at the bottom, I was basically a little discouraged. At the beginning of this challenge, I feel like I’m trying to keep my head above water. My idea is to try to make the candy necklace look like my model’s beautiful braids. Again, the idea is there but when the cameras are on and there's the pressure to do well, my nerves get the best of me.

Again, I was at the bottom two, story of my life. For some reason, I wasn't too upset, maybe the presence of all those cute kids kept me from being upset.

From the minute I found out we were going to perform in front of a live audience, I felt extreme anxiety. I'm so used to having 1 audience member and 1 judge, my client. To present to an audience is one thing but to be criticized on camera is another thing.

I knew that this piece made me in or out, no middle. I knew I truly did my best and if I was to go out, it was on a high. When I saw her piece, I knew I got this.

To see more pics of Sexi Lexi, go here.

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