Sexi Lexi on episode 5: Shake It, Dont Break It

Finding out we were braiding made me laugh. After being on a high for a second, of course it goes back to what is normal around here. Again with the "you don't deserve to be here." When we walked in that morning and see the break-dancers, I had no clue what was going on. First I can't draw to save my life, and finding out we were braiding made me laugh. It was hard to take it seriously when two of your competitors are professional braiders. I really just decided to practice braiding. About halfway through, I look and everyone was braiding up. I thought something obviously was different. I know my piece was the worst so I wasn't surprised when I was the worst. Again.

At the beginning of the Glam Slam, I had a little "writer’s" block at first. Then it came to me. Late 80 techno party kids. I loved how it came out; those headphones were so amazing! I just wish I had added some knobs in the middle. Again just ran out of time. At this time, I needed to play strategy. I really felt confident I could beat Valley Girl again. Cut and dry.

Wow 3 moves!!! I wasn't worried about the first two, but a bow!!!! I just kept thinking about what Derek J said: foundation, foundation, fountain.



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