Tsunami on episode 6: More Than Meets the Eye

Winning the Glam Slam is such a good feeling. I liked my chameleon piece for the Check Up challenge. I thought it had the feeling of a chameleon. It was nice to actually work with hair and do some curling and styling.

As for Derek J saying that my piece looked like a fallen updo…well, a chameleon is not the most beautiful creature. So for me to do a piece that represented a chameleon and it not looking like a pretty updo is not really a bad thing, and I guess if it looked like a fallen updo, it’s all good. I had fun doing it.

Really it wasn’t that bad getting the Thief card. I mean, I was going against Fingaz, so I figured she would be giving me the card. So I just game-planned on that happening.


Well after we heard what our Glam Slam challenge was, I was just racking my brain trying to think of what I could build that could easily transform into something completely different. What I came up with was the praying mantis turning into the geisha/crane. Also since I’m half Asian, it definitely makes sense for me to do an Asian-inspired piece.


Winning the Glam Slam is such a good feeling. For one that means you won your battle and you’re not going home, and two that means you get to pick the next battle opponents.

I think Minista and Fingaz are both strong competition right now. So it’s definitely time for me to bump it up a notch.

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