Tsunami on episode 7: Bright Lights, Big City

I used John Galliano as my inspiration for my Check Up creation because he is one of my favorite designers. I absolutely love his creativeness and outside-the-box thinking. One of my dream goals as a hair stylist would be to design hair for his runway shows and collections.

It felt great to finally win a Check Up challenge. It was definitely nice to get the Stickup card and have an extra hour to work on my piece. I did say that I still had to be wary of the competition because you never know what’s going to happen, so you don’t want to get comfortable and not give it your all, especially this close to the end of it.

I gave Minista the Stickup card because I saw Lexi struggling with her piece and I felt bad giving it to her. I didn’t want to give it to Fingaz because I remember how she was when she had to stop working on her piece, so my only option left was to give it to Minista. The extra hour was definitely helpful, and it made a big difference having that extra time.

My Glam Slam invention was a Cyborg hair stylist from the future that was actually the winner of Hair Battle Spectacular 500. I incorporated a music device player, a futuristic blow dryer and a battery pack from her back into the back of her head. I loved the piece and made sure to incorporate many different techniques into the piece. I didn’t just grab foam or board and cover it, like what has been done countless times throughout the show.

Wow it was definitely the greatest feeling knowing that I was one step away to $100,000. I thank God for making it this far and I truly feel blessed to even be here. Throughout the competition, I remained true to myself and gave it my all. It is now the final chapter. I can’t wait; it’s in God’s hands now.

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