Tsunami on episode 8: The Total Package

I thought it was awesome that there was no Check Up challenge this week because then I would have more time to build our final pieces. It was nerve-wracking going into the final challenge, but also exciting and sheer bliss all at once. To be here in the final was such a blessing and I thank God for bringing me this far. I was now one step away from winning $100,000 and I was just going to do my best and give it my all and hope the judges liked it.

I was nervous about time but excited to be able to showcase three different look. As for building the hair dress, I had never done it but I couldn’t wait to do it cause I love fashion and it was definitely something I would love to do.

I thought it was awesome that J-Rok, Valley Girl, and Cajmonet came out as a surprise because there was no way we would have been able to complete 3 whole looks in the amount of time we had without help. J-Rok was extremely helpful as an assistant. I truly respect J-Rok’s work and I am weak where he is strong, so we worked well together as a team.

These were my thoughts on the 3 stages of a couple's relationship:
Relationships as most of you know are not always a walk in the park.
They have their ups and downs but usually start out in what I like to call the infatuation stage which goes like this.
Girl meets boy or boy meets girl.
Chemistry begins and you’re on top of the world.
All of a sudden you’re thinkin about her.
Waiting around for your cellphone to ring.
Constantly thinking about one thing.
Fluttering around feelin like a butterfly.
Explosions all around like fireworks in the sky.
A feeling so great I wish it never went away.
I wish life was like this every single day.

But the truth is it doesn’t stay that way and it usually moves into what I like to call.
The stage of questioning and doubt, which goes a little something like this.
Comfort sets in and your feelin tied down.
Confusion sets in and your feelin kinda down.
And what used to be a smile turned into a frown.
And what used to be an up has turned into a down.
Questioning your differences and spending everyday.
With the same person now you don’t know what to say.
Feelin do I go or do I stay.
What used to be sunny is now a stormy day.

So we’ve went through 2 stages and if you can stay persistent and make it through the stage of questioning and doubt then you will reach the third and final stage the stage of love and realization.
Ying and yang two people not the same.
Settled their differences and share the same last name.
You will be my sunshine and at times my storm.
But no matter what as one we are formed.
What one is strong in the other might lack.
As the saying goes opposites attract.
So these are the steps let’s see if you make it through.
Cause the ones that make it to the end and stay are few.

Standing there in the final 2 waiting for the judges’ decision was one of the most nerve-wracking situations of my life. What was only 2 minutes felt like an hour.

I had mixed emotions about Minista winning. I was sad about not winning, but also happy for Minista. Everything happens for a reason and I am blessed to have made it this far. I was the youngest person on the show and have just begun my journey of life, and I’m not worried a bit. This was another step in the journey and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Life is such a beautiful thing, full of magic and wonder. Embrace it for all it is and know that your dreams can come true.

I definitely learned a lot about hair from working alongside so many talented stylists, and I also learned to push my creative limits while under pressure. It was also my first time being on TV, so I learned to be comfortable in front of a camera, which is good because I would love to grace the TV screen again. All in all, it was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.

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