I thought I had a little bit of an advantage.

Creating two different looks was really hard. So I thought this Check Up challenge was hilarious! First of all, I've never etched into someone’s head before, so I was little nervous! Second, I had to somehow incorporate a fancy boot! Oh man, I'm not ready for this...I just had to try my best.

I was a little scared that Minista might use the Assist card on me. I didn't think she thought of me as a threat, but then again, it’s an easy way to take time away from anyone. I was just trying not to make eye contact!

The Glam Slam Challenge was actually exciting because I LOVE vampires. I have a lot of experience with vampire stuff because I am a huge Twilight fan and also, a lot of my friends work on vampire shows. I thought I had a little bit of an advantage. Working on my vampire headpiece I started thinking outside my comfort zone. Nothing pretty or beautiful. I have to be edgy and creative to pull this one off. I am actually liking the way this is turning out! My favorite vampire show out right now is True Blood. I love the drama and darkness of the show. I also get a kick out of it being in present times and in the dirty south! ha!


Creating two different looks was really hard. I thought that it would be easy, but putting it together got difficult. Once it was together I was relieved that it had two different sides that told two different stories. I got all my bloody darkness from the Halloween store. All I really wanted was fangs and blood, but then I found some things that might help me out.


I felt like going up again Lexi would be easy because she's scared of taking a challenge. I felt comfortable in this challenge and as long as she feels nervous, I'm in the home stretch! I’ve just got to give it my best shot. :)

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