I'm not usually comfortable being in front of a camera.

Many people convinced me to do Hair Battle Spectacular. I'm not usually comfortable being in front of a camera, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. My family and friends really pushed me to do this, and I am so glad they did. Plus, what girl doesn't want to try to win $100,000??

I hope that this show is extremely successful so that people can see that there is more to the hair styling world than working behind a chair. It is an art, a passion, and a great way to make a ton of money in a very creative and fun career.

I am unique because I am the girl next door. I don't have short, punky or outrageous hair, I don't have an urban background, and I'm not weird or crazy. I’m just an ordinary girl that loves to create unique styles and happens to pretty damn good at it. You can expect amazing, never before seen hairstyles, over the top personalities, pure comedy, interesting drama, and you can see what people will do to try to win $100,000. From me, you can expect pretty and glamorous designs and striving to get to the top by giving it all I’ve got. You will see my passion for fashion and hair design, you will see me takes risks, and you will see me do things way out of my comfort zone.

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