Atomic on episode 1: The Hair is Back

When I first walked in to the competition I wanted to be a little flirty to stir things up a bit and break the ice. But as I looked around it didn't seem like I had much to worry about. I know you shouldn't always judge a book by its cover... but I'm just saying.

When they told us our first challenge had to be 3 feet tall, I got pretty excited. If it’s going to be a size-matters type of challenge I'm definitely going to be the one that's LARGE and in CHARGE. Derek J went pretty easy on me with the criticism. Not only did he love my piece but his face sure lit up when he saw what I had made. Especially after he just finished judging that mess Blondie created.

I think the Glam Slam challenge was fun, and it was a little tough as it was our first one. But it definitely made me think. I chose Lindsay Lohan as my celebrity inspiration because she’s always in the tabloids and constantly being talked about by everyone. I figured it was a good opportunity to try and bring out the good in someone rather than focus on all the drama.

When Eva told me I was a Hair Do I was stoked! This is the first Glam Slam and I am a Hair Do! Maybe I didn't nail it, but hey it’s a start!

PHOTOS: See pics from the premiere episode here!

I liked Bronx. She was sweet and it sucked to see her go. But I'm here to win some $$$! Sorry Bronx, let’s go clubbing later? LOL.
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