Atomic on Episode 5: Off With Their Headpieces

I won’t list all the reasons why everyone hates Blondie. I liked the idea of this week’s “Check Up” challenge. But as you all can tell, I do terribly when I don’t stick with one idea. It definitely brought my work down and I’m pissed about it. So, a note to myself: stick to one idea, Atomic!

J9 and I are close. So, I enjoyed seeing her winning the Braids card if I couldn’t.

Considering I was losing throughout the whole first hour of the “Check Up,” I didn’t mind having to finish someone else’s piece, anyone except Blondie’s. Finishing pieces she had made was a complete mess and as Derek J once said, you have to make lemonade out of lemons. Unfortunately, I got the rotten and moldy lemon that should have been thrown out a week ago. So, I had to take the hit for that disaster. So whatever...

About this week’s Glam Slam challenge of creating a modern day version of Marie Antoinette, I didn’t know much about Marie Antoinette and it appeared that everyone else did. So, I did change the direction of my piece several times and that’s what f***ed me up... In the end, though, I did enjoy my piece and I will take the advice Terrence gave me.

And Blondie and me? I won’t list all the reasons why everyone hates Blondie. I just don’t have the time, but I will say that she deserved everything she got. I didn’t try to pick on her by any means. I just called it the way I saw it. But, she couldn’t handle the pressure. Anytime anyone gets hit, the automatic reaction is to hit back. However, I’m glad that I didn’t hit her back after she punched me because I’m not ghetto and I’m not a child. I didn’t know she has kids when I said what I said. It was a coincidence that she has a son. And at that point what was I going to do...back down???? F*** that…

I will say if she were a guy (which I question at sometimes,) I would have knocked her a** out. You can clearly tell who is the bigger person, because after all that happened, I still had the opportunity to talk more sh** about her in the Glam Slam. But, during my presentation I focused on the hair while Blondie was completely straying away and decided to throw insults throughout her entire performance.

Kudos Blondie, you have proved you are lower than I am. :)

I look at being eliminated from the positive side, because I made it pretty far in the competition considering I haven’t done much fantasy or avant-garde work in my career. Now, I get to go home and work on my next project ;-). I have a surprise for all of you and I can’t wait for u to see it. Remember, this isn’t the last time you see me.

Love, Atomic

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