Blondie on episode 1: The Hair is Back

When I walked into the salon my mind was just blank. J9 kissed my hand and that threw me off immediately. I thought Bronx was going to be a bitch and Nostradamus was so full of himself thinking he could predict everything. Looking around the room we all looked completely different from each other so I knew this was going to get reallllly interesting. Everyone had something to say about my extensions, but my hair was far from the worst in that room. Other than that, a room full of egotistical stylists. I wouldn't expect anything less! You can't be a successful hairdresser without an ego lol ;)

During the first check-up I wanted to check out! When I heard what the challenge was I was a tad confused. I had a thought in my mind but then, Derek J tells us it needs to be 3 feet tall. What!? Umm I think my child is that tall. I've never made anything that large and my technique of applying hair pieces could no way support something that big. Originally, I thought of making a cute faux fur briefcase, but when the height came into play I figured it would look like I'm making a big a*s briefcase. I'm always trying to come up with a story to help inspire the hair, so as I'm making this ridiculously large briefcase I realize what I was making was stupid. I wasn't into this check-up AT ALL. To me, whatever I was making had to seem logical to be that damn big. My inspiration was working off of an actress I was not familiar with, and she is going to a business meeting. So what is that big for a meeting? A projection screen...? Seemed logical, a faux fur projection screen. That foam board and I went to war and I was defeated. My pride told me to just stop there. The time was running out and there was no reviving this piece that I had no desire to make from the beginning. I needed time to think! But in this situation your time is way too precious. It seemed like a lost cause this far into the challenge to do much else. So I stopped. I was so caught up in the crap I was putting together I never looked around the room. When I stopped and figured there was no hope, I watched everyone else scrambling and some weren't even close to finishing. And most of the work I saw wasn't that great either. My attitude was that if mine wasn't great then I wouldn’t put anything out. But, as I saw this with everyone I kind of realized that producing greatness in this time frame is not possible, and that maybe that's not what this is about. So after about 15 minutes lapsing I went back in with my original idea with the briefcase but, at a normal size. I didn't get to finish which I knew would happen, but I wanted to have SOMETHING to show. I got checked REAL quick right out the gate with this challenge...Ugh...Better now than later...

I think Derek J was fair in his criticism. I agreed with pretty much all of it. Minus the giving up. I didn't want any credit for the fact that I did go back and make the briefcase because that was crap too. But, to just say straight up "you gave up" wasn't true. I certainly stopped for a small period of time. I definitely considered just giving up and saying this show is not for me. But, I had to think of a way to push through the challenge of that projection screen lol. Mentally I wasn't prepared for that challenge and to others it may look like I gave up and that's fine. I have no regrets with what I chose to do in that moment.

I'm a girl that needs to be inspired. After what I just put out in the check-up I NEEDED to be inspired!!! When I was told what the challenge was for the Glam Slam I was so excited. Are you kidding me!? My inspiration can be Nicki Minaj?! To do a piece inspired by her couldn't have been a better opportunity for me to not just redeem myself but, MURDER this challenge. Nicki Minaj brings out my alter ego and I knew I was about to beast mode this b*tch... No pressure lol.

I chose Nicki Minaj because that girl is a beast. Not only is she ridiculously creative herself but every aspect of her inspires me. She's a business woman. She knows you have to wear many hats to be successful in this world. I literally listen to this woman every day on my way to work just because her words get me amped for the day. I feel like at times I have to juggle so much between being a mom, a business woman, a stylist, a wife, etc. I almost have to be a different person to manage and make it all work. Sometimes I lose myself when I get too caught up in just one thing. I was caught up by that check-up. Doing a piece inspired by Nicki reminded me that I needed to see beyond the challenge. I had to love what I was making and I needed to bring out that alter ego and show America what I can really do. That's what Nicki does for me in my daily grind. She didn’t come from much, she was hated on and criticized, but none of that sh*t matters because she is ON TOP of her game. And so am I.

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When I won the battle, I wanted to jump out of my skin. I was so proud. I knew I turned things around. I did the unexpected. No one felt I was worthy of being there and I knew it. But, in that moment I staked my claim and I knew there was no turning back.

Inside, emotions were running high. All I could think of after what I went through with the check-up was that I have to go out there and leave my heart on that stage. If Derek wants to send me home because he thinks I don't care about this opportunity then let him judge this! Everyone has their moments of weakness. It's a matter of what you learn from them and do from that point on. I learned that the check-up was not who I am and NOT what I'm capable of. You can't let a bad moment trip you up though. It should always make you fight harder. And I fought. For me, that challenge wasn't about beating J9. It was about proving to myself that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I just kept true to who I was so no matter how I got judged on that stage, I would be happy with the outcome. And my piece was dope!! They could have hated it and I still would have walked away with a HUGE smile on my face. I LOVED EVERY ASPECT OF IT!!! I couldn't keep my eyes off my model. That is the feeling hair gives me and that piece gave me life.

Bronx was a cool chick. I wouldn't have minded to see her stay longer. After getting to know her a little more in the short time we had she cracked me up. I know we would have gotten along really well.

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