Blondie on Episode 2: Hands Tied, Camera Ready

I love Avant Garde Hair and I specialize in updo's so this Check Up was right up my alley. It was exciting to get a hat box filled with things to get creative and inspired by. I've made something similar from a fashion show I did in the past, so I did a different version of it. For once I was prepared for this Check Up with a plan right from the start. That first Check Up taught me sooooo much!!! I loved the purple hair I got in my box. The only challenge was the bubble wrap, but I worked it out. I was VERY happy and confident with the final result.

I was ok with not winning the Check Up. I lost to Nostradamus. At least I lost to another great hair piece. I was happy I got second. Not for nothing but that was a huge step up from my last Check Up.

I thought this Glam Slam was cool. I was hoping to be able to do something more abstract so it was a good opportunity to do so. I still had the issue where going too big was not in my skillset so I felt like the challenge was open-ended to do whatever I wanted.

I actually chose everyone else’s partners and whoever I was left with was who I would battle. I didn't care who I went up against as long as it was a good battle and fair. I chose people purely on what would make for a good show. I didn't want to pair people to see one just blow out the other one. I started with choosing J9 and Atomic first, mostly because of their personalities. So I put the two extreme personalities head to head. Bossa Nova and Nostradamus are both talented and knew if they battled each other they would pull out the best of what they could do and it wasn't so bad if either one made it in the bottom because again they were good. It probably would have been an easy way out to put myself up against someone I knew hands down I could beat, but I came for some competition. Besides, I only know one Queen B and that's Lil Kim.

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Nostradamus was acting quiet towards me before giving me the Hands Down card...I knew something was up. Atomic was talking about an alliance with the three of us and I knew Atomic was just trying to manipulate people. I didn't want any part in that. I was cool with Nostradamus but, I think Atomic got in his ear or something. I'm not one to try to put myself out there to see what was going on behind my back because I figured that would just make it look like whatever was being said was true. I didn't have a guilty conscience and I figured it made no sense otherwise for him to give it to me anyways...HA! To my surprise he went through with it. I was annoyed…Nostradamus made a comment that it was a competition and nothing personal, but whatever his strategy was behind it made no sense to me. You win those cards to help you in the competition. In no way does it benefit him to give the card to me. It just put him right in that box with the rest of the haters. It made him look like a follower to me because I felt like there were people in his ear leading the way and they were successful. Either way I had a feeling it was coming and had a mental strategy in place. It still sucked getting it because the piece I was making had a lot of detail that I couldn't finish. At the end of the day my integrity remained intact and I'm still here. ;)

I knew I wanted to do an Avant Garde Bride because that is a huge portion of my clientele at home. When coming up with Glam Slam ideas my only thoughts were to stick to the rules of the challenge and to display who I was as a stylist and a person. The rest I just made as I went considering my plan had to change slightly after taping my hand behind my back for an hour. lol

It sucked being a Hair Don't. Who wants to be a Hair Don't?? I did so well the week before that I went backwards. I knew Queen B would bring it and the checkerboard was dope. I knew I wasn't the worst piece of the night so I was confident I still had a chance to get back in the game.

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I don't live with regrets. So I have no regrets choosing Queen B. It's a 50/50 shot. No matter how confident or how much you love your piece you gotta understand it's all in the eye of the beholder. What the judges’ perception of things is out of your control. I was happy with my piece with the time I had and my experience. Better believe I'm looking around the room and taking notes and I'll be back for revenge.

That's the beauty of this competition. J9 was in the bottom last week and now she's on top. I was happy for her. I know the feeling. It humbles you. She did a great piece. It was well deserved and I'm sure unexpected. Dimples is talented. I don't think she got to show how talented she actually is. She could have definitely been strong in the competition so better for me she's gone. :)

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My strategy in this game is not in alliances, not in making friends and not kissing anyone’s a** and being fake. It's simply to do good hair. Even if I'm a Don't, that doesn't mean I'm the worst of the night and going home. It just means my piece has to be better than what the worst piece is. There are some people that act like they don't need or want to make alliances but, by the way things start to play out...sure as hell looks like a few of these people are teaming up to get Blondie out...haha...compliment to me that a few need to gather to make that attempt. ;)
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