Blondie on Episode 4: My Male Model is Prettier Than Yours

These Check Ups I'm starting to get the hang of. I actually really like them and I think they are always absolutely insane! lol I saw the girls with the makeup and I was in love! You really couldn't go wrong with who you chose. The makeup was easy inspiration to create off of. My job is ten times easier that way. This girl needs inspiration ;) My eyes were drawn to my model immediately because I saw it and already pictured a whole story of where she "came from." She reminded me of one of those people from National Geographic that put the plates in their mouth. I don't know why. But she was a princess from one of those tribes. The story in my head just led the way to what I created. I had fun making this hair piece. I loved the end result and even had time to bejewel her tribal crown.

I never know what to think anymore with these Glam Slams. No surprise to me we are now doing Drag Queens lol…sure Oxygen, why not? I was excited to go to a drag show. I've been to a few in Connecticut and they work it where I'm from. I had high expectations for what we were getting into.

Finding out that two people were going home was pretty interesting. I'm game to have people go home quicker so it was a good kind of interesting.

I actually thought it was dumb to pair Mz. H2O and me together. If you really want to see me go home, Queen B should have paired me with Atomic. That would have been a disaster. Instead she put me with H2O who needed to bring her A-game after what Derek told her last week. And did you see her Check Up piece?? GIRL, where have you been!? Loved it! I'm sure the thought process with choosing me to pair up with Mz. H2O was because Derek said if she's in the bottom again, her a** was going home. Therefore since I'm her partner I'd get dragged down with her. No one thought the judges might pick one person from each pairing in the bottom.

H2O is an awesome person. At times very colorful and over the top lol. She loves color and I'm a bit more toned down than that. We balanced each other to a certain point…I needed to put more into my performance and she needed help editing that color. Working with her was fun. We really did have a BALL putting together our performance. It was one of the best times I had on the show and we really clicked...HOWEVER, the hair part…ehhh we bumped heads. We had a whole plan and it was going really well until she decided to make some executive decisions to change some ideas we had after we agreed on them. We were confident going into this challenge and I was excited for the both of us.

Mz. H2O won the blow dryer down card and even though we didn’t think Nostradamus and Queen B even used the blow dryer that much, we gave it to them any ways. Those cards only make sense to me to give it to the people you are battling against. Unlike some people that just want to target Blondie every chance they get. lmao

Let's be real. As for the Glam Slam, we lost to a shablam. Whatever that was when Nostradamus fake dropped to the ground, the judges ate that up. Now, B Scott saw right through that. Love her for that. She didn't get it and neither did I. Their hair piece looked like Queen B took the hair piece from the dog challenge and used it again this week. They just accessorized the hair with some items that you couldn't tell what they were. Ours showed different technique no one had done yet and we made a cape out of hair. If you have two people working, then I would think it should show that. Like I said before, your fate is in what the judges think in that moment. I'm still here and I'm coming for revenge on these haters.

Mz. H2O and GQ got eliminated... :( first time I felt something for the ones going home. I loved them both. They were my last string of sanity. Their positive energy was sorely missed.

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