Blondie on Episode 5: Off With Their Headpieces

The Check Up from the Neck Up's are getting inspiring and I love it! At this point I miss my husband like crazy. The Check Up challenge this week was the perfect date. I would have loved nothing more but to be home and just hanging out with my husband for a date night in. I've been with my husband for 10 years and married for almost 7! Some people might not think I know what it is to "date" anymore but, HELLO. We haven't been together this long just passing each other by each day. We have date nights at LEAST twice a month if not more. Whether we stay in or go out, it's a night for us and no child. lol I picked the handcuffs and the movie tickets. I decided to make a bed. That represented to me an at home date. Movie in bed to cuddle. As for the handcuffs...ehhh that spiced up the hairpiece a bit. Lol

The Braids card was a good advantage if you won it. Braiding hair can be time consuming and not everyone has that skill down. All the other cards are usually just an hour of time taken away, but this card is way more time consuming and trickier for whoever gets it used against them.

At first I was confused about the whole swapping hairpiece idea. Once I realized I was handing over my work to Atomic I was pissed. At this point he pretty much had nothing to pass along as he wasted the hour so far. Here I am with a piece pretty much almost done and with a pretty clear concept. He had it easy to finish what I did. The judges hated what he did with it but loved the original concept and loved the bed and my hair pillows. :) I was happy to hear the comments about what I made but not so much to hear Atomic taking credit for it!! Why am I not surprised? I know Eva felt heat on her back coming from my direction and they eventually let me speak up about what the things I did were before it was passed along to Atomic. I'm glad they let me clarify. What "good" stylist would take credit for someone else's work???

I received Nostradamus's hairpiece and was thankful he had been just as far along as I was with what I was working on before the swap. That was a relief. I saw what he was going for and I had hoped the end result was close to his vision and I didn't disrespect his work. It wasn't my ideal perfect date but I was still able to work with what I had and present a completely finished piece when the time was up.

I don't know much about Marie Antoinette. I've heard of her and had some insight from when J9 did her hairpiece a few weeks before. The fact we could modernize it was cool to me but at the same time difficult. When coming up with ideas I decided to also design a hairpiece that could be done completely in braids so if J9 decided to follow along with the consensus of “Let's just target Blondie,” then I would be prepared either way. Making a mask was the least of my worries. The accessories the judges ask for are not a top priority to me. It's all about the hair. I figured I'd throw something together for the mask when I could find time.

Once again, what do you know? I'm pinned as the "strongest competitor." I mean, that's what their reason is to only target me right? As Nostradamus and Queen B gloat around how they are undefeated? lmao Are these people competent? I mean I've been hated on. But this is a new level of hate. I get the Braids card and little do they know I am more than prepared! When Blondie was "secluding" herself, she was getting it in on sketching. ;) Let's GO!

Arguing with Atomic was pointless the majority of the time. I did my best to choose my battles. I've watched him manipulate the people in the house this whole time and his lacking abilities to do good hair only told me that was his only way to survive in this game. I did my best to avoid him. If someone doesn't like me I could care less and avoiding the bullshit is usually easy. However, I live with these people. It gets to a point where there's no avoiding. I had to make a choice: either sit back and have people continuously try to trample over me or stick up for myself. I am not one to be trampled. So, when I felt necessary to stick up for myself I did, especially when he got personal about things. I'm a straightforward kind of girl. I won't look for a fight or single someone out as these people always did. But, when you back me into a corner, don't be surprised when a girl comes out swinging. No pun intended. ;)

When Atomic and I were going at it once again in the salon I was just thinking, really?...This kid is reaching. He's running out of steam. His best comeback at one point was, "You look like you’re 40." C'mon, seriously? I was baffled. He insulted me every which way he could and then BAM...he went there. Did I really just hear this boy bring up my child? Is he out of his damn mind? Oh wait, he is...And now, so am I...I had had enough. This is a competition and I have every intention to put my best foot forward and just wanted to do good hair...that was it. I didn't come here for drama. I didn't come here to be personally attacked week after week. I didn't come here for some 15 minutes of fame. I came here for hair. Never in my wildest dreams did I think someone would push me to this point. I'm a strong chick. I've dealt with a lot of crap in my life. But, the disrespect this has gone to is a whole other level. To be honest, I didn't know exactly what was said in that moment. I just heard my child got brought into it and I saw red. If I have one button that could make me lose it, that was it. He found it. I'm so homesick at this point, secluded from the rest of the house, exhausted, competing, and now this fool consistently trying to break me because he was scared to battle me. I just had enough.

I don't condone making a choice to put your hands on anyone. I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to even care. People like that who feel the need to stoop to that level every once in a while need someone to stoop to their level back and reality check them. I wasn't havin it. The way I was raised, what I did was not wrong. And I stand by how I felt in that moment.

I did what I knew best...I put everything I had into this hairpiece. I let everyone know on the first episode "It's Blondie Bitch!" for a reason. I'm here to stand my own and I'm here for one reason only. To showcase what I can do. You get in my way, I won't back down. I'll come harder. I was beyond happy I got this Hair Do. These past weeks I've gotten better and better and the judges finally gave me the recognition I felt I deserved. What better recognition could I get from of all people than Nicki Minaj's hairstylist? It was an honor for him to see my work and like it.

My win put Atomic in the bottom, which in turn got him sent home. It was a good night.

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