Blondie on Episode 6: Im a Beautician, Not a Magician

Are these challenges getting more amazing or is it just me? I loved this week's check up from the neck up. I didn't know what one of them was but I was game to get any of the others. The scariest part sometimes is what number you pick from those water bottles. If you get the last one sometimes you’re screwed. What I like to do is quickly come up with an idea for each model just in case. I really liked my piece. It was sooo different from what I would normally do. I pulled out my inner H2O and went with a ton of colors! I personally like when the hair looks like the models and using tones that are natural to what a person might have. But, I needed to start showing I have other ideas to the judges. I made a magical mushroom since the challenge was to portray where our character was from. I was hoping to work with more angles and make the mushroom come out from her head as if it were more organic than straight up. It was hard to keep balance but the end result was exactly what I was hoping for. Plus Derek hates glitter glue! I risked using it but, he liked it! I thought Nostradamus had a harder piece since none of us knew what his character even was. I'll give him credit. He worked it out and had a great piece as well!

This far in the game to offer up immunity on the Check Up is crazy! Immunity is top prize outside of the $100,000 especially to guarantee someone into the top 4. I've been steady in top two for the Check Ups so I figured I had a good chance for it.

When Derek said someone might go home after the Check Up I believed him. He doesn't mess around. At this point since I finally got this timing down I'm not nervous about his threat. I felt like a lot of people went into the Check Ups not taking it seriously because it wasn't an elimination round and I figured the threat was only to push people to put out better work. If he actually did, it would have been nuts and unexpected but I wasn't worried for myself.

We got to watch Curtis perform a magic trick right in front of us and it was amazing! He literally gave me chills. I could not figure out at all how he did it. It didn't really click why Curtis was there and what the challenge might be. Once we were told we had to do a magic trick with our hair I thought, "you have to be kidding me?!" lol Is this even possible? I'm new to fantasy hair and most things I'm just figuring out as I go. I don't even know where to begin on what to do or how to do it. I chose the appearing flowers which in my head did something completely different than what it actually did lol. It was the only choice that gave me a hint of inspiration. But, for the most part I was lost!

Queen B chose me to battle her. At this point I haven't really battled too many other people besides Queen B and Nostradamus. Either way, I was ready to go head to head again. I felt like every stylist is talented in their own way and contributed something in this game somehow. Yeah there was a consensus on who people thought were weaker than others but the arrogance in this house was stifling. And even as talented as Bossa Nova is, he has been in the bottom the entire show minus when he had immunity. I don't look at these challenges as a person being stronger or weaker at any given moment because I know firsthand anyone can rise from being in the bottom to the top. And I also know all it takes is once to fall in the bottom to get you’re a** sent home. I knew going up against her she would pull out another tall vertical piece of some sort. Probably textured. It was predictable. I never worked with chicken wire or have done foundations the way anyone has done yet.(which to make it this far without having that knowledge, I'm pretty proud of myself.) But, it was time to take risks and step outside of my comfort zone. Chicken wire it is! OMG I hate that stuff! Unfortunately it suits the purpose but I got cut up! lol I also decided to try out Mod Podge. I had no idea what it did but, I overheard Derek saying it was great so I gave it a go. With trying things you gotta expect some errors. Mine was kinda huge because I painted all the hair with Mod Podge on PAPER! Hence, everything got stuck to it when it dried!! lol lesson learned. Luckily I had back up roses I was working on and they actually suited my piece better. I was nervous with going the route I did with the chicken wire because it was not easy, especially as I was learning as I made it! But I knew I had to take a technique Queen B always relied on and do it better and different from what she keeps showing. I was giddy when I was done!! It was so pretty and so was my model. The magic trick was a bitch to set up and I just prayed it worked!!! The last thing I wanted to do was make a fool out of someone else's profession or disrespect Curtis's craft so I had no choice but to execute the magic trick. Because I was in better spirits I put together a cute performance and decided to perform my trick. Eva is dope and I figured I'd give her a little recognition in my act :)

I was picked a Hair do and I was soooooooo happy! My main goal was to make my model feel beautiful and perform a magic trick that impressed the judges. Goal Complete! <3 When I saw Queen B's hairpiece I immediately thought repeat. Same piece just different color. I was surprised the way she came at me on stage because it was unexpected. At this point random unexpected crap seems to be the norm. She certainly had an opinion of me, which is cool. But, don't say I have no class when you are coming at me with none and with zero justification. As I heard what she was saying all I thought was...big mistake. The judges were not feeling the same hairstyle again or the negativity she brought to the stage. Every queen has their rise and undoubtedly, their fall...undefeated means nothing in this competition. It's all a matter of who you go up against and which piece the judges like. Sometimes it can be two great pieces and the judges have to choose one. All it takes however is once to fall in the bottom and be sent home. If you are saved then that just means the judges see potential in your work and keep you there. If they don't, you get sent home. Top 4 baby! See you next week! ;) A huge THANK YOU to all of my fans for your constant support in my work. <3

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