Blondie on Episode 7: Hair Heroes and Hair Zeroes

The tree in the room looked interesting. I had no idea what the Check Up challenge could be about until I saw the fairy tales hanging from the trees. I was familiar with all of them so I was excited!

Picking the fairy tale that had the extra time was cool. First time I've had an advantage thrown my way in the competition lol. I had a million ideas running through my head. I just wanted to have fun with this challenge. I was missing my son like crazy. This piece was going to be colorful and animated just for him!

When Derek J asked my model to stand up I was like oh shit! haha, I knew my hair piece wasn't steady. It definitely swayed when she stood up. Glad it didn't fall though!!! It sure did come close. I had too much fun putting my idea together and coming up with a story to defend it if needed lol. I was in a great mood that day. My son was on my mind heavy.

I was surprised when Nostradamus didn’t take an hour away from me. For once I decided to play head games to sway that card away from me and for whatever reasons whether what I said worked or not, it didn't come my way. It's funny that the influence of others is not in the house and finally I DON'T get a card! I didn't care who it went to but that extra hour was needed. Making an outfit all out of hair and a hair piece, I needed all the time I could get.

I was excited about this week's Glam Slam challenge. Again, I had my son on my mind and he's obsessed with superheros. I knew I wanted to make something he would think was cool--for a girl superhero of course. I was inspired by him, comic books, and myself. I feel like a superhero in my daily grind because I juggle so much. I wanted my superhero to represent all of those aspects.

Nostradamus put me up against Bossa Nova and I wasn't surprised. He had already battled me a few times and I know he thought J9 was an easy beat. Bossa has been in the bottom consistently but we all knew he had it in him to do very well. I'm sure he was hoping J9 and I would drop to the bottom and that one of us would be gone.

Bossa and I went first for our battle. I think his technique is dope but I've seen him do better. I was also surprised the judges didn't say anything about him not doing the outfit entirely out of hair. I thought that was one of the rules of the challenge: an entire costume out of hair. The outfit he used was the same he used earlier on in the show. His performance was entertaining to watch though! I thought for sure I had it but, the judges see what they see and sometimes it's not what you think is right. It is what it is. I loved what I did and I'm so excited for my son to watch this episode!

P.S. Nostradamus's model came around the corner when it was his turn and my jaw dropped. This kid went in on his piece. Some of it I didn't get but, either way, she looked like she was a superhero of some sort and ready to kick some a**. Kudos Nos. I loved J9's idea too. It sucks that we were both in the bottom of this one. I would have loved for the top 3 to be me, Nostradamus, and J9.

Well, now I'm the only girl left in the competition! It's boys against girl! West Coast vs. Midwest vs. East Coast! We cover the map on this one. My only strategy is to keep true to who I am, and whatever I make I have to love. I wouldn't put it out otherwise...I have some tricks up my sleeve. You'll be seeing a full personification of who I am and my journey on this show for sure.

Til next week! Love my fans! And this episode of my work was all for my baby boy, Alexander. Love you boogs! <3 <3
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