Bossa Nova on Episode 3: Who Let the Dogs Out

This week’s Check Up from the Neck Up challenge was a little more challenging for me since we had to make two pieces instead of one. If there is one thing I hate, it is having to rush on my art. When we found out we were making handbags, I was soooo excited and I think that was the problem! I spent so much time on the bag that I didn’t have too much left for the actual head piece. The thing about me is when I start to get my ideas in my head, I get so excited that I get sucked in and I’m in my own little world and I don’t want to stop until I feel like I have achieved what I had imagined. For the head piece, I decided to make a shell, which was inspired by the pearls that I used on the bag. I didn’t want the head piece to be so matchy matchy but I still wanted to make a statement.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way lol! I wish I had more time to finish it but I still had a lot of fun!!

Speaking of fun, I had soooo much fun doing the Glam Slam challenge this week! It was so much fun, until I found out that I had not understood what the challenge was lol! I was given a Pomeranian dog as my inspiration and I thought the dog was so pretty; I just wanted to recreate it with hair.

I think I was just trying to impress the judges with the ability of making the actual dog with hair as a piece of art. I didn’t really think making an inspirational piece would be as strong as making the actual dog. I still love this piece and don’t regret making it even though it made me a Hair Don’t. When Queen B won this challenge, I was truly happy for her because I had admired her work all along and felt she really deserved it.

I love seeing other people’s creativity, it inspires me even more!
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