Bronx on HBS 201

My first impression of the other stylists was that they are a joke, and that I have no competition here. The first “Check-Up from the Neck Up” was insane. How in the world was I going to create a hair piece that had to be over three feet tall in two and a half hours?? This was our first shot to impress Derek J and Eva, to show them what were made of. I seriously drove myself crazy overthinking the challenge. I thought Derek’s criticism was fair, and I took it as constructive criticism.

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The Glam Slam was a nightmare for me because I knew that I had nothing to impress the judges with. I was over thinking and recreating my design back stage, and I didn’t produce what I wanted to show. So I decided to give a good performance and fierce walk, which I thought might compensate for my hair piece. It didn’t. I chose 50 Cent as my celebrity inspiration for a few reasons. I really admire him as a person; I love how he overcame every obstacle life threw at him and became so successful despite the challenges. Then I have to admit I love his personality, and his muscles :)

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I couldn’t believe it when I was made a “hair don’t”. Me, the best stylist in the world, going home? Oh no! But I kept my composure and held my head high to face what was coming. Being eliminated made me a stronger person. I know this only the beginning for me, so look out for Bronx!!
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