Camouflage on Episode 2: Hands Tied, Camera Ready

I LOVE doing ponytails so it was a fun challenge for me. I also felt like I had my mom’s energy behind me from the design that was on the box I got. I wanted to do a ponytail that was off to the side because I didn't want to be traditional. It was disappointing when I didn’t win, because looking around I felt I had a good piece. I was very happy with my work!!

For the Glam Slam, I would have been nervous going against any one of the cast members. They all were great artists. The first idea I had was taken by Queen B so I had to improvise and I created a piece that could hopefully inspire people, with the message behind it. I just started creating and as I continued, it began to form into what it was.

I felt very accomplished and proud when I was named a Hair Do. I thought about all my family and friends and thought how proud they would be.

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I think J9’s piece was put together very well. It was a toss-up and she got it. I am very proud of both of us for our work. I feel bad that Dimple’s battle was against me and she got knocked out, but hey! That's the way the cookie crumbles.

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