Camouflage on HBS 201

I've been taught not to prejudge, so I was waiting for the first check-up so I could see what I was up against. When they told us the designs had to be 3 ft. tall I wasn't worried. It was when they said there was a weight limit on top of it being that tall that I got worried I thought my piece was horrible and I was not pleased so I completely agreed with Derek J’s criticism. But I still had the Grand Slam ahead of me.

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For the Glam Slam, I wanted to dress my model up so that people would think Jay-Z. But I didn't do the red carpet theme, so I therefore they didn't like it. I loved the way my model looked and how the make-up was done. I chose Jay-Z as my celebrity inspiration because the man is one of the hardest working artists - not only in music, but in business. He has created an empire. EVERYTHING he touches turns to platinum. I wasn't expecting to win. Looking around I thought I was going home. I got some pretty harsh critique.

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When Bronx was eliminated, yeah it was sad to see her go, but that meant I was staying one more week!!! YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!

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